EPISODE 108: eBay Is Gonna Give Your VR Wife a Virus

After a long break and a 4th of July celebration, the panel is back.   We kick it off talking about how creatives take their passions and hobbies and branch out.  Carlos was out tasting wine and met a screenwriter that now makes wine, and really good wine!

We quickly switch gears and talk about technology and live streaming.  Would you live stream your work and your process?  What are the benefits besides gaining followers and exposure?  Can it be educational for the artist or just the viewers.  We have seen many YouTubers and live streamers rise and fall, sometimes due to scandal or failure to maintaining a brand but are there other pitfalls?

Maintain your brand. -Carlos on live streaming.

Speaking of education, Charlie rants about demo reels and shares a link from Gavin Goulden.  Do students need to develop demo reels anymore? Are they still relevant?  There are obvious exceptions but is it time for demo reels to go away, especially for game development?  Sometimes students and applicants go overboard with developing a fancy website that only provide for delays and cumbersome navigation rather than viewing your work.  The content should be delivered as fast, and as painless, and as clean as possible.  The potential studio or supervisor is likely quite busy and only has a limited amount of time to look through your work, so it should be efficient and direct.

We talk about the brilliant work Titmouse Studio did with Jay-Z’s The Story of O.J. bringing back retro style and animation with a message.   The style of animation is authentic and true to historical references.  At the same time, Charlie shares a short called Robot & Scarecrow which utilizes Substance Painter and RedShift.