Episode 128 – That Face Has 40 Years of Service

We start off with talking about art contests and daily drawing challenges. Charlie shares the Art Station challenge that is both a collaborative effort but also puts you in touch with industry professionals. What are the benefits of participating in an art challenge? What art challenges have you found and which ones do you recommend?

Carlos chats about the news that Apple has released the latest iMac Pro and we break down the tech aspects regarding the new hardware and software capabilities. But then we get to the price point and really discuss how feasible these top end Mac machines really are. Is there a market for these? Who can afford and use this type of machine and is it better than a comparable non-mac?

Speaking of Mac, Apple has bought Shazaam. For what purpose? Is Apple trying to continue to expand their music business or do they want it for its tech and patent in the AI realm? Perhaps this is to improve Siri.

In another massive merger announcement. Disney buys Fox for 50+ Billion. The amount of content and IP Disney has gained puts them even further ahead than many of their competitors, and clearly aligned in time with their previous announcement of pulling out of Netflix and beginning their own streaming service. What does this mean for the future of the content and the future of streaming services? Is the combination of these massive companies a benefit to the consumer or does it hurt?

Fun Prompt:
A Spacious Hangar full of Mechs

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