EPISODE 129 – Year End Show

This Week’s Fun Prompt: A Half Human, Half Tiger.

Charlie announces that Magic Leap has released updates.  The AR/VR market is exploding and we speculate what the Magic Leap headset will actually be capable of and what the rendering power will be.  Charlie talks about Halolens and the new lightfields technology.  This leads into a talk about hijacking VR personalities or robbing a virtual bank.  A tiny version of this happened when graffiti artist Sebastian Errazuriz vandalized artist Jeff Koon’s AR digital art installation.

I’m just going to get a flip phone. – Carlos on keeping up with technology

Then we talk about the release of the news that Apple has admitted to throttling phone performance.  What does it mean when tech companies forced obsolescence?  Is this inevitable in all tech companies, in all software and all hardware relationships?  Does it make sense for a tech company to create a product that is upgradable or one that is synchronized for best performance between software and hardware?

We segue into super corporations, monopolies and how the current makeup of business and how it affects small business and small innovation.  Is innovation even profitable for big corporations?  Carlos asks if we have more computing power in our pockets than NASA had when we went to the  moon why aren’t we going to the moon now?  Why are selfies, porn, cat images and pics of food the majority of media?

Finally we talk about net neutrality and what the future holds for small business and shows like SketchZone.  Is it fair to throttle speeds for both providers and consumers?  What does this mean for the competitive market?  How do other countries handle this issue, should it be a government handled utility or should we open up the competition in local areas and allow more service providers to keep prices in check?