EPISODE 131: I Know What To Do!

What started with the intent of a interview of our very own panelist, Charlie turned into a two hour chat about wages, overtime, team building and work ethic.  How do overtime laws effect the creative industry in your state or country?  Do employers and employees bend these rules and when is that ok?  We can all agree that free overtime forced on artists is a bad thing, but what about free overtime that many artists, especially young artists, put on themselves to get ahead and make a good impression?

The conversation evolves into the work ethic and team management differences between the visual effects industry, feature/tv animation, games, web design and the AR/VR world.  We ask and discuss the big questions.  What makes a strong team and a strong leader?  What are the boundaries each team member needs to set to be effective for both the needs of the studio/artist and the needs of the client?  What are some ways each of the panelists have managed difficult clients or communication and exceptions between artist and client?