EPISODE 139 – On The Catwalk, Yeah!

Charlie really breaks down realtime renders and how game engines, and real-time rending software a making a big comeback.  They’ve been around for a while but are getting a renewed interest.  Charlie discusses the differences between standard rendering and real-time engines and what benefits  it could potentially offer the film, television and vfx world.

Can real time renders deliver and replace traditional rendering in production or is there some inherent short coming when compared to traditional renders?

Unreal Engine shows real time reflections and ray tracing.

What you see is what you get – Charlie on Real Time Renders

While on the topic of software, Carlos chats about Procreate Pocket beta and the tool limitations.  Is painting with your finger a viable option?  What tools have changed the game, Wacom, Apple Pencil, tablets, touch screen?

Jack discusses the renewed interest in Blender and its Greasepaint 2.0.  Greasepaint gives an artist a “true” 2d engine inside the 3d world so you can draw on a flat plane with their brush engine right in the 3d view port.  One of the best parts of Blender, it’s free!