EPISODE 158: Shout out, Kelly Ripa

We start by reviewing the past two weeks of Fun Prompts and discuss style and portfolio, how participating in prompts and drawing challenges can help not only expand your skill set but also building your portfolio.

Jack shares the teaser trailer for “Pirate’s ArrBCs” which will become a suite of interactive educational apps as well as animated shorts.  Jack discusses the challenges of being an artist but working closer and closer to the business world, running your own business or project, managing teams and personalities.

The panel discusses what it’s like to learn business without going to business school and how you change as you learn to let go of your art as a baby, a near and dear passion projects, and evolve it into a viable market product.

What do you need to be able to run your own studio or launch your own product?  Is being “an artist” enough or are there other components?