EPISODE 163: Kent Trammell – But Those Hot Keys, Though!

We briefly begin the show talking about the upcoming con season.  There are many for artists to choose from and we dicsuss the new convention organized by Bobby Chiu, Light Box.

Kent spent a lot of his time playing Soul Caliber, and seeing the artwork in the instruction manual, back when games still came with manuals, he realized he wanted to get into 3D; he just didn’t know how.   Once in school, at Full Sail, he focused on Maya and some in Softimage, it wasn’t until he rediscovered Blender on his own time that he became a full fledged evangelist.

Blender has become so powerful and robust it is beginning to have its spotlight with full feature animated films being done in Blender such as Netflix’s Next Gen or the impressive use of Blender’s grease pencil in the animated short, Hero.

Kent shares his experience as a Blender user and now as a full time teacher at CG Cookie.  Kent shares the history of Blender and we explore some of the changes in the new Blender 2.8.