EPISODE 188: Bradley Burke – The YouTuber Journey

SwankyBox channel has 272,500 subscribers and over 48 million views. Second channel SwankyZone has 20k subscribers, 4M views. He speaks at conventions around the country about YouTube, storytelling, and pursuing your creative passions. By trade he is an animator, videographer, and writer. He took the YouTube plunge in 2015 and has been living in the world of online video ever since.

Brad quickly learned that teaching people through gaming was very effective. While video games may be his medium, he is able to instill science and math topics while doing so. He constantly encourages those who are watching to think outside of the box and to contribute their own thoughts to the discussion.

Brad’s attentiveness to each viewer’s experience has allowed him to reach the front page of Reddit twice for videos he created. Beyond that, his channel gained over one hundred thousand followers within the first year of pursuing it full-time. He constantly analyzes trends to deliver optimized content for a search-heavy online world. He also is a YouTube consultant for other creators and businesses.