EPISODE 190: Bob Rissetto

Bob Rissetto likes to draw and animate.  He like shapes and design, but he likes process even more.  Mix in a nostalgic love of cartoons, toys, and video games, and it’s easy to see how he became the professional boob he is today 😉

Bob has worked for a handful of start ups and game companies in the Chicago area for over a decade.  He freelances and enjoys sharing and mentoring, as well as being passionate about leveraging artists’ strengths.  He celebrates both ends of the bell-shaped curve when it comes to art so both the “good” and “bad” inspires him.

Outside of work he is usually catching up on a movie or video game and letting it inspire him in some way, even if it’s only in his head.  There’s always a gallery piece to finish, or a pitch to submit, or a short that needs finishing (and starting).  He is an indoor kid turned adult who changes color in the sun (pink) but has been known to moonlight as an extrovert on occasion.

If you do see him outside, feel free to chat him up about animation, Skeletor, pizza, bunny rabbits, or anything orange!