Working under the studio name ‘CHOCOLATE SOOP®’, self-taught, multifaceted illustrator Dacosta(!) has been creating professionally for the past 18 years and has produced designs across various media and collaborated with artists around the world. Having worked with major brands like Pizza Hut, Nintendo, Nexon, Sony and Hasbro, the studio’s passion and philosophy is grounded in the belief that visual art must be imaginative and bold, and with each project strives to create the highest quality work possible, whether it be through a toy, illustration, app, or an animated project. As noted by a client, “Dacosta brings a rare combination of artistic vision, technical execution and commercial sensibility”. Demonstrating a “finely honed grasp of what does and does not resonate with the intended audience”, creating designs which “communicate familiarity without stooping to cliché” and characters which possess “weight and depth… wit and poignancy”.

We finally get to talk to Dacosta about his career as a professional illustrator and how he accomplished a certain level of success without even going to art school. We also talk about his experience doing concept work on motion pictures.

The crew geeks out on drawing technology as well as social art groups. And we ask the question, “Is all this work worth it?”

Dacosta! – Twitter: @ChocolateSoop
Sketch Zone – Twitter: @SketchZone
Carlos R. Gomez – Twitter: @CoconutJustice
Jack Kasprzak – Twitter: @SketchbookJack
Charlie B. Williams III – Twitter: @CBW3
Steve Talkowski: Twitter: @SteveTalkowski

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