Kris Wimberly is a storyboard artist working on your favorite shows at studios like Nickelodeon, Disney, Warner Bros. & more! creator/host of The Animation Network podcast!

Kris tells us about how he went from watching Saturday morning cartoons with pink frosted donuts to pitching and selling a cartoon to Nickelodeon. Oh, and he’s worked for a bunch of animation studios around the LA area.

Would you like to know about Batman? Kris is your man. He’ll know. But you can also ask him about networking, portfolios and how to break into animation. Not only does he host The Animation Network Podcast, but he also holds workshops on breaking into animation as well as how to pitch an intellectual property.

We also take some time to talk about Moonbot Studios’ interactive short film entitled “I Am a Witness”. And Studio HDMR’s 2D game Cuphead…WOW!

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