EPISODE 97 : Don’t Forget Scritchy Scratch

After getting around to the fact that the show started late, Robert demand we download the app called Glimpse which shares your location.  Parents have been using this to track their children.  But kids, as always are really smart and have found a pretty easy way around it.  Is technology helping parenting or are there always ways to beat it?

Charlie goes off on the latest technology coming out of some visual effects houses with real time rendering, simultaneously used by car companies to develop commercials and content.  But more interestingly, the same technology has been able to take a frame from Finding Dory and recreate it in realtime, meaning you can swivel around it and navigate the fully rendered scene in real time.

The technology is now being used not only to produce commercials and visualizations, VR and feature films.

If you made a perfect 3d version of yourself, would you make it look like you or what you want to be? – Robert on emerging realtime tech

The panel unpacks the Oscars, not to miss the major gaff mishap, but we quickly move on to the nitty gritty.  We talk about everything from story and how the academy votes and is constructed.  Do things such as release dates matter?  Does timing of production matter?  How does the Oscar selection and nomination process even work?

The animation category has been a bone of contention for the industry for quite some time.  Cartoon Brew has published an article that is making the rounds which makes the claim that not only does the Academy not care about animation, it doesn’t understand it.  We break down some of the layers here and investigate the history of the animation category but also what makes the decisions work, or not work.

We start to close out with the release of YouTube TV which has just announced its television services that will stream network

You said that already. – Carlos on story in movies.