EPISODE 99: Quit Being A Quitter

Charlie shares the news that Paul Pepera, a well known game industry modeler and designer has died.  We talk about his work, his influence on the industry and explore the game he was key in creating Astroneer.  This leads us into the discussion of being artist, a creator and the legacy you leave behind.  How do those that not only create great projects for companies, but create great work for themselves.  Is there a benefit to continually expanding your knowledge base and keep learning?  Is there a use for creating and working on your own projects?

Jack shares his experience in growing his skills and consistently learning and how it affected his career.  How does expanding your skills, outside of yourself but in your environment, how it affects you, and the team that surrounds you, build you up as a person?  A question from the chat room leads us on the topic of working with teams vs solo specifically.

We were having such a good time, that more people came and sat around. -Carlos on working in teams

We discuss an article from LinkedIn that talks about how good leaders creates a culture of “quitters.”  Sure it sounds like click bate, but we talk about what it takes to be a good leader and the 5 things you need to quite to become a better leader and employee.

Trust can set you up for success. -Charlie on being a leader.

Speaking of working in teams and working on your own projects we chat about Noodles Studios and their successful Kickstarter campaign to fund a season of an episodic animated show Black Holes, based on the popular short they released.  Why is this important?   Is Kickstarter a valuable and valid revenue source?  Can a studio distribute online only and survive?

We close the show with talking about getting ripped off.  How do you protect yourself?  Are there too many ideas out there that are similar anyway?  We discuss both sides of the story that Disney is being accused of stealing Zootopia from Gary Goldman.